We're Cookin' up CASH - Hope You're Hungry!

The Perfect Money Formula

We're cookin' up CASH and it Never taste so good.

The Perfect Money Formula for Passive Earners and Recruiters alike.

Never done before M2M exclusive.

We pass a lot of CASH through our members handss - Really FAST.

Over $300k potential - Passive Members

Unlimited potiential for Recruiters.

Now that's The Perfect Money Formula!


Yes, we actually accept Tips/Gratuities from those so inclined to leave one. 

There is No Admin Fee and we are so grateful and glad that you are here and making money with us (amounts accepted - $2, $5, and $10).

We use the following credentials with Solid Trust Pay and Payza:

Solid Trust Pay - earnwsherm

Payza -

*this is for Tips and Gratuities only.  Please Do Not send hate mail, love mail, other offers, etc. or contact us for support at this email.  You will be terminated from the program (not being mean but, with thousands in the program, it is more efficient to use our Support Channels - Nothing will be answered from the email above - it is just a payment email set up to receive Tips ONLY).

We are very Glad you are here!!

Main Money Meal
Big Money Meal
Ultimate Money Meal
Spillover is amazing here.

I am in both the M2M and Straight Lines.

I have made money in BOTH and it has only been less than 24hrs. This is amazing to me.

My M2M payments come directly to me, with no admin fees. Just pure CASH direct to my processor accounts (it just doesn't get any better than this)!!

Plus, I have cycled in the Straight Lines which are going to continue to pay me completely passive income.

Again, this is all amazing to me.

--Mike G.
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