We're Cookin' up CASH - Hope You're Hungry!

The Perfect Money Formula

We're cookin' up CASH and it Never taste so good.

The Perfect Money Formula for Passive Earners and Recruiters alike.

Never done before M2M exclusive.

We pass a lot of CASH through our members handss - Really FAST.

Over $300k potential - Passive Members

Unlimited potiential for Recruiters.

Now that's The Perfect Money Formula!



Q. How old must I be to participate?
A. At least 18 years of age.

Q. Can I partipate in just one comp plan?
A. Yes, you can or, you can participate in both. The choice is yours.

Q. Can I jump into The Straight Lines immediately and in any line I want?
A. Yes, you can join any Straight Line, at any time, and in as many times as you want.

Some savvy marketers will likely get in The Straight Lines FIRST then, the M2M system (because you must wait for approvals in the M2M system, even though the payouts can be absolutely HUGE).

The Straight Lines are time based, and have automatic, immediate, placements.

Q. Do you offer refunds?
A. No. No Refunds. Period.

Q. How do The Straight Lines work?
A. Please see the MENU, and (back office) -

There is a 3x1 that behaves like a 2x1 because of the Paid Re-entry function (pays 267% upon cycling the comp plan).

There are 2 remaining Straight Lines that are 4x1 yet, behave like 3x1 becasue of the Paid re-entry function (Pays 320% upon cycling the comp plan).

Q. How does the Member-To-Member comp plan work?
A. Please see the MENU and the videos -

Members pay members direclty for Ad Pack purchases (see videos and MENU Page for details).

Main Money Meal
Big Money Meal
Ultimate Money Meal
Cash Fried Money!!

Great concept, amazing comp plan(s):

2 in 1 . . Wow!!!

Are you kiddin' me?

Get in this thing Now, and reap HUGE rewards before the Holidays!!!

--Gene Johnson
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